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I've been playing "Arcade" (user-made maps) for several years now, settling mostly on the productions of one "AKAFootloose," generally closely modelled on Far Cry 5's version of 'the real world' in a number of small town / business park scenarios, and featuring the best NPC combat sim scripting. These maps are superior in many respects to the stock game 'Outpost' missions.

Recently though some different maps begin appearing in my YouTube feed, not sure why since I don't recall ever browsing YT for Far Cry stuffs. Anyhow I watched one, and so discovered quite a tranche of freshly ported maps made by several authors for playstation, and ported to pc by "predatorback." (you can search on those names in Arcade)

Holy Fuck, Batman! Some of these have awesome, highly imaginative and detailed jungle and desert environments and architecture (recycling assets from FC4, New Dawn, etc), worth playing for that alone. They seem much larger in area than the relatively constrained, stock Arcade map size, some absurdly so!

The combat sim of some (though not all) isn't quite up to AK's scratch, with sparse and passive enemy placements. Another unusal feature of these maps is the frequent inclusion of relentless mortar barrages after the alarm is tripped, a strong incentive to a) avoid tripping it, and b) hunt down those mortars.

A really cool one, very very difficult, is a 'spec ops' assault on Falling Water, Frank Lloyd Wright's secluded mansion. The combat sim is pretty good, no mortar barrage, and nearly impossible to sneak up on. Unlike on many maps, the enemies will pursue you deep into the woods, and swarm you from several directions.

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