Are women better at tech support?

From: Dave!!29 Oct 2021 13:34
To: Dan Herman (HERMAND) 10 of 11
Yeah, I've had the same experience. During my career in IT, I've worked with two female bosses (both of which were very good), and several other female colleagues as well. I can't think of a bad one to be honest.

The female colleague at my first job wasn't quite as technically skilled as I was, but she knew her limits, did a good job overall and wasn't afraid to ask advice if stuck with something.

Contrast that with some male techs I've come across that just blundered on, made a hash of things and refused to acknowledge their own limitations...
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)29 Oct 2021 13:40
To: Dave!! 11 of 11
Too true!