Did I dream this - PCF on TV?

From: Dan Herman (HERMAND)15 Apr 16:16
To: ALL1 of 33
Had this vague memory appear the other day of some our members doing some kind of computer game thing on TV?

Did that happen, or have I just outright imagined it?

And no, I don't mean crimewatch
From: Manthorp15 Apr 18:10
To: Dan Herman (HERMAND) 2 of 33
The only thing I can think of off-hand is that many, many years ago, after the project where I turned Cartwright Hall into an Unreal Tournament map, we had a LAN party (remember them) in Cartwright, playing it. That was televised; but I thought, only locally (Look North/Calendar). And anyway, I thought you were there? Do I misremember?
From: My mum says I'm not a (PSYCHO_GEEZER)15 Apr 18:20
To: Dan Herman (HERMAND) 3 of 33
There was a group of PCF on telly, it was a gaming show on Sky and weirdly enough, I was trying to remember details about it the other day. Things I remember:-

Simon Roberts was on using his then nickname Overlord
Someone else who just normally used their name was given the nickname Overboard
They were introduced as being from the same town/city.
They played an FPS game and their introduction included a 'weapon of choice' and someone's was unarmed because they had never/rarely played the FPS and were getting killed a lot.

Things I possibly (mis)remember:-
Milko and PB were two of the contestants.
From: Dan Herman (HERMAND)15 Apr 18:56
To: Manthorp 4 of 33
I'm definitely not thinking of that, but wow, I'd totally forgotten the actual reason I came up that day! Yes, from what I recall I was quite young - maybe 16, and took the train. I think you spoke to my dad to persuade him you weren't a dodgy bloke off the Internet
From: Dan Herman (HERMAND)15 Apr 18:56
To: My mum says I'm not a (PSYCHO_GEEZER) 5 of 33
Okay, yes, glad I'm not completely mad! And I'm also absolutely convinced PB was there

From: My mum says I'm not a (PSYCHO_GEEZER)15 Apr 19:03
To: Dan Herman (HERMAND) Peter (BOUGHTONP) 6 of 33
Let's ask!  PB, can you fill in any more details please?
From: Dave!!15 Apr 19:37
To: Dan Herman (HERMAND) 7 of 33
The show was called Mercenaries and it was on Bravo. Psycho is right about quite a bit of it. PB was definitely one of them, I think they called him "underlord" on it.

I have a copy of the video, I'll see if I can upload it somewhere. Not sure I can really upload it to YouTube as I wouldn't really know what to say about it. I just remember grabbing a copy when someone uploaded it ages back.
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From: Dave!!15 Apr 19:46
To: Dave!! 8 of 33
You can grab the vid from here if anyone wants it: https://mega.nz/file/fI4HyaLC#il0zhRSC4go7InozJ1SYSsfrp8FsHM31Zd52xEw-uLw
From: Manthorp15 Apr 20:10
To: Dave!! 9 of 33
Fuck, that's funny. PB, you were gorgeous. You must have followed me down the dark paths...
From: koswix15 Apr 21:22
To: Dave!! 10 of 33
Thats awesome!

I recognise Simon, milko and PB but who are the other two? Off here or just ransoms to make up the numbers?
From: Dan Herman (HERMAND)16 Apr 10:36
To: Dave!! 11 of 33
Oh what a legend! 
From: My mum says I'm not a (PSYCHO_GEEZER)16 Apr 11:39
To: koswix 12 of 33
I'm fairly sure they were regulars at the time, but I also have no idea who they are.  It'd be nice if there was still a big crowd around here now, but I'm also pleased to not be getting confused with Psycho Hippy every other post.
From: milko16 Apr 15:26
To: ALL13 of 33
ahh, what a memory. I think it was me they called Overboard, randomly? I barely actually got to play anything at all? Now I'm going to grab that video and watch, top archiving work there Dave!!

I think there were two guys on the team who weren't forum members, they were people Simon knew. Brothers, if memory serves, one was trying to get a web CMS business off the ground at the time. If memory serves they had a little bicker at one point over getting money off their mum for the day. 
From: milko16 Apr 15:28
To: milko 14 of 33
Oh and I remember that PB talked up his Unreal Tournament skillz a lot in the buildup and then almost immediately died by firing a shotgun into a wall right in front of him and dying from the blast/ricochet/dunno m8.
From: milko16 Apr 15:36
To: ALL15 of 33
Well, I've skimmed the video. Gosh, the memories! It was an amazingly sunny day and it was all just down the road from the pub that ended up being the venue for the last several southern Forum Meats. I seem to remember we got some prizes too, something like a mousemat and a fairly crappy PC game.

Anyway, it was a very fun day. My lack of telegenic-ness was well reflected in my number of minutes on TV.
From: Dave!!16 Apr 19:12
To: milko 16 of 33
I knew my hoarding skills would come in handy some day :)
From: graphitone17 Apr 22:01
To: milko 17 of 33

What's the game you're playing in the first round? Looks like C&C Generals. 

Edit - ah, just seen the game credits in the credits.  :-)
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From: Peter (BOUGHTONP)20 Apr 13:33
To: My mum says I'm not a (PSYCHO_GEEZER) 18 of 33
Ah, Mercenaries. A part of me would have been happy for that to remain forgotten.

A bright-eyed dweeb in the first year of university - my first solo trip to London adding to the excitement of the chance to finally demonstrate my brilliance - arriving at the venue in Charlotte Street to find a gathering of people outside, waiting and waiting and waiting.

Apparently their servers were overheating - it was a sunny day, but I don't recall it being hot. They came out a few times to tell us "soon", but we were still waiting for quite a while. At one point they were going to give up and send us home, giving us each a free game for compensation.

Eventually I guess we were given t-shirts and instructed to go down the stairs and strike a pose. My siblings are the posers in my family, not me, as will be evident from the feeble attempt. I'd have been fine if they'd said "that looked dumb, go back and do something else".

I think the team name was decided in advance, but at no point were we asked names or anything else - I don't know whether Simon, Jason Bradbury, or Bravo supplied those - likewise being told we were from Halifax - I think our original application said "the Internet", but I don't know if they specifically rejected that, or whether Simon deliberately or accidentaly gave Halifax as location.

Spectating whilst Simon tried to land a B52 was even less exciting than it looked, yet still more memorable than the tank battle which I don't think we even got to spectate and I remember nothing at all about.

Anyway, as some point we eventually got sat in front of the computers - wondering whether we would be playing Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, Unreal Tournament, or any other familiar game - but no, it was a new mod that nobody had ever heard of (let alone played), bearing no resemblance to the UT engine it used.

Initially the game started in a cave and I had either an AK or an MP5, but a short moment later it restarted - I don't know if there was a false start, if that was supposed to be a "practise" opportunity, or if it was just filler whilst filming the intro - and I found myself somewhere else, with a shotgun that I didn't choose - the shotgun has never been my choice of weapon, in any game.

A few seconds later, whilst still trying to get my bearings, I see an enemy and try to duck behind cover, but I didn't duck as far as expected so instead stand up, fire, and promptly die. Then sit twiddling my thumbs until the round ended, hoping to redeem myself in a second round that never occurred.

I still don't know whether it was because my character stood up slower than I expected, or because the mod fired projectiles from the belly rather than the torso/eyes, maybe the other guy headshotted me, or some combination of all those.

Despite apparently "winning", our only prize was a second free game each. I don't even remember keeping the t-shirts.

From: Peter (BOUGHTONP)20 Apr 13:34
To: Manthorp 19 of 33
Oi! Less of the past tense. :@
From: Peter (BOUGHTONP)20 Apr 13:36
To: milko 20 of 33
And, as the later performance of PCF|AI consistently demonstrated, I absolutely was the unstoppable alpha and omega. :P