Off Site Storage-medo

From: ANT_THOMAS 5 Apr 16:33
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Looking for some sort of backup solution.

Currently got a Crashplan account from way back when they were cheap, but they've not been cheap for a long while and I'm paying $11.99/month for something I haven't backed-up to in around 8-12 months. Apparently I've got 5.6 TB there.

The client is awful and often caused my home server to grind to a halt.

Did briefly look at Backblaze but when I last looked they didn't play nice with Linux on their normal plans.

Thinking I could basically roll my own by finding some sort of remote storage solution.
Basically just need maybe 5-10 TB in a data center that I just rsync to. Or figure out some sort of file history thing for it.

Had a search but not sure if what I have in mind exists within reasonable prices.

Ideally I'd like to spend about what I am now.

Google offer 10TB but for £39.99/month. Not paying that.
From: ANT_THOMAS 5 Apr 16:34
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Or do I just get a big hard drive and an RPi and stick it at my parents?
From: ANT_THOMAS 5 Apr 16:44
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Though the internet connection will be pants in comparison to a data center.
From: Dave!! 5 Apr 16:55
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It's possible, but I wouldn't like to trust my only backup to a single hard drive. And once you consider maybe two drives and/or possibly a NAS with redundancy, it again gets expensive.

Saying that, surely the bandwidth limitation is your upload speed - unless your parents have a rather crappy broadband service?
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 5 Apr 18:12
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You could always prepopulate the drive(s), then do incremental backups.
From: ANT_THOMAS 5 Apr 19:18
Yeah that's exactly what I'd do. Fill with initial data and then nightly afterwards.
From: ANT_THOMAS 5 Apr 19:31
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I've currently got
Main Home Server - with an amount of storage, maybe around 10TB
Storage server - currently with 2 x 14TB drives in a ZFS mirrored array.

Plan is to migrate the lot to the Storage server which will backup to itself. Somehow.

Then I wanted a copy off site.
I suppose the upload speed at parents isn't an issue for recovery, since if I wanted the full backup I'd literally go and get it.
From: Dave!! 6 Apr 08:35
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Aye, I suppose that's the main advantage of an off-site backup at a location that you can physically access still.

I have a "backup to itself" system in place on my main PC at present incidentally. Backup hard drives (which are not mounted by default), script runs once a week to mount the drive, do an incremental backup then unmount it again. Process has worked well so far - combined with an external backup as well of course.
From: william (WILLIAMA) 6 Apr 14:36
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My PLEX disks are backed up every night to a duplicate set in the same box. My laptop and Mrs WmA's laptop do file history backups throughout the day to a Raspberry Pi and these disks are backed up with an Rsync to a duplicate set. Other bits of kit around the place are backed up/duplicated as well (plus I keep all my important docs and things on an Owncloud server). I suppose I really should look at something "off-site" even if it's some ethernet string and an extension running out to the shed.
From: Dave!! 6 Apr 14:40
To: william (WILLIAMA) 10 of 11
It's honestly got me thinking, I have an old NAS (liberated from work) with 4.5TB capacity. Currently it sits on my desk and I do periodic backups to it. I'm considering running a network cable to the far loft corner of my garage and sitting it there. OK it's not really offsite, but would stand a much, much bigger chance of surviving either a fire or a burglary.
From: william (WILLIAMA) 6 Apr 22:29
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Well I'm saying goodbye to Virgin cable in a week, so what with all the cable-shuffling maybe I'll actually get round to doing something.