True Blood Season 2 (2009)

From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)27 Jan 16:08
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I was pretty sure there was already a TB thread in which I had pontificated in the usual smarmy but benighted way, but forum search turned up nuffink. Sooo. We had watched the first season 2-3 years ago (I guess) and thought it was rockin', mostly.

Oh wait, I found it, more recent than I supposed:

MrsD. has been devouring the Sookie Stackhouse books like a vampire sucking a pig dry, so I defer to her expert opinion that the series is nothing like. Fine, whatever.

Season 2 has kind of lost the novelty and pizazz of 1, slumping into a homey and soapy corn pone that is at best comfort food for the braindead. Perfect, then.

It does have an interesting boss villain, who shows up one fine day and fucks everything and everyone up (except our heroes, natch) until the final boss fight. That's pretty much the plot.

Thing is: is the boss villain really dead, or no? Guess we'd have to watch Season 3 to find out.
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