Moving laptops

From: paul13 Jan 18:22
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Thanks to my wife introducing wine to her laptop I am charged with sourcing a new laptop and then replicating the old onto the new.

What is the simplest method for transfer (of /everything/) please?

From: Dave!!13 Jan 19:23
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What state is the old laptop in? Will it power up still? If not, you'll need to check and see what type of hard drive it has and if it is removable or not.
From: paul13 Jan 19:57
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It's a Lenovo 510, semi functional but wine stuck keys - winkey in particular - prevent me from doing much with it...
From: Dave!!13 Jan 20:26
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OK, if it boots and is on the network, you may be able to access the C$ share from another laptop. This will give you access to the entire C drive. Should then be fairly straightforward to access your wife's profile and copy the files across. Applications will have to be reinstalled unfortunately. If you can't access the C$ share, maybe plug in an external keyboard and use that to share the folders you want to copy across?
From: paul13 Jan 21:54
To: Dave!! 5 of 14
Cheers Dave!!

I tried a Bluetooth keyboard with null effect, got the virtual keyboard up and can see the winkey is permanently depressed, I may try a USB keyboard and try to disable the onboard keyboard, hopefully it'll do the trick...

From: Peter (BOUGHTONP)14 Jan 00:02
To: paul 6 of 14
Simplest would be remove the hard-drive and put it in a USB enclosure, but if you had one you'd probably be doing that already. I've found cheaper ones unreliable, so if you're going to buy one check the reviews and err on side of better quality.

If disconnecting the keyboard doesn't work, perhaps a live Linux USB can get you in and might not care about Super key being permanently pressed.

From: Manthorp14 Jan 10:53
To: Peter (BOUGHTONP) 7 of 14
BP speaks sense; but maybe first try removing the drive from both lappies and stick the old drive straight into the new one. It probably won't have the drivers to boot, but it'll take little time and do no harm to try.
From: koswix14 Jan 11:10
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Got a USB keyboard to plug in?
From: paul14 Jan 15:02
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I have one /somewhere safe/...

From: koswix14 Jan 17:24
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From: paul15 Jan 15:59
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I did write a fairly lengthy reply but seemingly the emoji after cheers excluded the rest of the message...

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