Black Friday

From: ANT_THOMAS28 Nov 2020 12:03
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What have we all bought?
Is Cyber Monday even a thing anymore?

I didn't get anything this year.
Think I did my spending on Amazon Prime Day.
From: graphitone28 Nov 2020 13:20
To: ANT_THOMAS 2 of 21
Got another Echo dot for £18, other than that, I'm pretty uninspired by sales like these. We're spending a fair amount on some building work, revamping our utility room/downstairs bathroom starting on Monday, so any spare cash has gone towards that.
From: milko28 Nov 2020 15:26
To: ANT_THOMAS 3 of 21
Picked up a few presents for various nieces nephews and family members, mainly. 
im finding the constant sales (Black Friday seems to have gone on for two weeks already and now we’ll have Cyber Monday for what, another week?) really tedious. 

I do like to think of our madman American friend who actually enjoyed going out to the scrums though, I hope he didn’t this year. 
From: graphitone28 Nov 2020 18:56
To: milko 4 of 21
I thought it was Ken's wife who liked going to the sales, while Ken was happy enough to sit in his car waiting. Actually I might be mixing that memory up with a king of the hill episode I watched the other day :/
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From: Peter (BOUGHTONP)28 Nov 2020 21:18
To: Ken (SHIELDSIT) 5 of 21

Get your arse here and fix milko & graphitone's memories. :@

From: Ken (SHIELDSIT)28 Nov 2020 23:15
To: ALL6 of 21
Ha, yeah it was my wife, but I wasn't able to sit in the car because I was the armed guard!  We didn't go this year, too much death in the air!

Hope you are all well!
From: Ken (SHIELDSIT)28 Nov 2020 23:15
To: Peter (BOUGHTONP) 7 of 21
Thanks PB!
From: graphitone29 Nov 2020 07:56
To: Ken (SHIELDSIT) 8 of 21
Howdy Ken.

Nice to see you again here. :D

From: william (WILLIAMA)29 Nov 2020 10:51
To: ANT_THOMAS 9 of 21
Bought nothing. Black "Friday" went on forever (still going on as Cyber-something-or-other) and most of the offers were average or poor: 10% off 20% off things I didn't want. The only exception seemed to happen purely to annoy me. Bought a cordless stick vacuum cleaner a few weeks ago and the company had a Black Friday offer of £80 off. In fact, I could have bought the next model up with a spare battery for less than I paid. I'm doing my best to shrug it off.

I hoped, although I didn't believe, that there might be some deals on last generation Nvidia graphics cards. Nothing there though. Not a big gamer but I do a lot of video transcoding etc. so something like a 1660 Ti or Super would be nice. I suppose as long as the supply of RTX 30 cards is so dismal the price of older cards will remain stable.
From: koswix29 Nov 2020 15:26
To: ANT_THOMAS 10 of 21
Got a dewalt impact driver for 50 quid, about 20 less than they normally go for but about the same as if I'd bought the twin pack when I got the drill (but stupidly talked myself out of).

Main things it would be really handy for are redoing my garage roof and lining the inside with insulation and OSB. Both these jobs are, obviously, already completed prior to buying the impact gun  :-((
From: Manthorp29 Nov 2020 18:47
To: ANT_THOMAS 11 of 21
I bought a venereal disease.
From: william (WILLIAMA)29 Nov 2020 21:06
To: Manthorp 12 of 21
Beware of a skimpy discount. You'll be thinking you've bought a nice treatable dose of syphilis but it'll turn out to be some dodgy old genital warts that stick around for months.
From: Ken (SHIELDSIT)29 Nov 2020 22:32
To: graphitone 13 of 21
Hey!  Thanks!  Good to see you guys still here too!
From: fixrman30 Nov 2020 03:51
To: Ken (SHIELDSIT) 14 of 21
Hey, there's another guy I know named Ken who runs a forum...
From: Ken (SHIELDSIT)30 Nov 2020 04:41
To: fixrman 15 of 21
He's probably pretty awesome!
From: Linn (INDYLS) 1 Dec 2020 22:12
To: Manthorp 16 of 21
I hope she was worth it.
As usual, I bought to many Steam games that just increases the number of games I need to play one day.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 2 Dec 2020 00:33
To: Linn (INDYLS) 17 of 21
I've got a stupid number of games I'm pretty damn sure I'll never play on board. Somehow I resisted adding more.
From: Manthorp 2 Dec 2020 10:16
To: Linn (INDYLS) 18 of 21
I've been reading Boswell's diaries. He's an arrogant git with a lot to be arrogant about - in his twenties, mixing with the highest of Georgian society and getting published all over the shop.

He's also a Scot, and while I wouldn't want to cast him to stereotype, he's VERY careful with the pennies. To the extent that when he pursues and seduces an actress, he brags to his diary about having achieved it for just a Guinea (or thereabouts).

When he subsequently discovers that he's caught Gonorrhea, his sanctimonious outrage had me laughing like a drain.
From: Linn (INDYLS) 2 Dec 2020 19:40
The ridiculous thing is I'm playing Red Dead 2, waiting with barely contained excitement for Cyberpunk, and I bought Dragon Age Inquisition (among others). How I ever fooled myself into thinking I would have time to play that, even in the even distant future, is concerning.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 3 Dec 2020 11:47
To: Linn (INDYLS) 20 of 21
You could become a professional gamer?