Sutcliffe, him gorn.

From: graphitone13 Nov 2020 09:03
To: ALL1 of 4
Manthorp's spindly pointy finger of death has finally succeeded in reaching out and touched Peter Sutcliffe.

From: Manthorp13 Nov 2020 15:33
To: graphitone 2 of 4
The cunt took his fucking time, mind.
From: graphitone14 Nov 2020 21:58
To: Manthorp 3 of 4
Aye, wasn't he topping the death lists you had going here for a few years?
From: Manthorp16 Nov 2020 14:15
To: graphitone 4 of 4
I think it was Brady who I headed up with. I must have a Yortkshire kinship to Sutcliffe.