Karaoke & Cold Lazarus

From: william (WILLIAMA)13 Sep 15:03
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Unlikely, I know, but does any teh member possess DVDs of these series? 

Bad enough that a classic series like the Singing Detective got an indifferent DVD release and nothing else, but the DVDs and box sets of these two aren't available any more and second hand copies are going for stupid money, so my plans to add them to Plex are on hold. A couple of very flawed productions and not everyone's taste, but sad that Potter's last two series should end like this. They're available for free on YouTube and All4 but in really low quality even bearing in mind that the best prints were only ever SD. I've found some torrents and partial versions on Usenet, but these are generally awful quality or missing bits.

In the unlikely event mentioned above then perhaps a loan might be discussed?
From: william (WILLIAMA) 2 Oct 14:22
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Gave in. Spent fifty two eye-watering GBPs* on ebay. 

*which almost certainly means they will shortly be reshown on the BEEB and available for DVD quality download on iPlayer.
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From: william (WILLIAMA) 3 Oct 17:53
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Had a bit of a chuckle when these arrived. The wrap-around case inserts were printed to a high quality on appropriately stiff glossy paper, but had been trimmed too close clipping the tops of the letters on one and the bottom images on the other. Inside the cases, all pretence was abandoned. These are clearly Jimmed from originals or isos. The disks are all printable DVD-Rs and the text etc is not remotely like the real thing. The Karaoke set had me worried with two Disk 2s, but it turns out that one of them is a Disk 1 after all.

I'm not especially bothered seeing as they play perfectly, have the proper bit-rate, resolution and so on. Anyway, I'm only going to rip them for Plex and they'll probably end up in the attic in a couple of days.

Edit: except, sadly, one of the DVDs is fucked with some kind of video distortion for about 10 minutes. So now I have to contact the bugger...
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From: william (WILLIAMA) 4 Oct 14:12
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Started an ebay return for the 'Cold Lazarus' disks and note that he's issued a refund before I've even printed off the return slip. I'm guessing he doesn't want any fuss. 

Had a scan through his feedback. Mainly positive (people are usually too nice) but a sprinkling of one-star complaints that his disks are counterfeit. TBH, these copies are so poorly produced that I wouldn't even call them counterfeit. Apart from the clumsy case-art, and absence of proper printing on the printable DVD-Rs they don't have a proper index/intro when you play them, just a one line menu with the header "Orbit" which I believe is the default "dummy" text for Nero. Which suggests that they aren't even DVD copies, but files he's got hold of from somewhere and compiled himself.

Oh well, the search for a decent copy continues.