Titans (season 1)

From: william (WILLIAMA)25 Jul 23:05
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No TWR because I'm feeling too lazy. Set in the Batman universe (sans the big guy so far), a bit of an oddity as a series. Superficially a typical teen superhero show, but with a much harder edge. Lacks the complete moral cynicism of Watchmen or the Boys, and the production values/script quality of Gotham. Surprisingly watchable. 

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From: william (WILLIAMA)30 Jul 21:09
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Season 2 - um - not so much.
From: Voltane 1 Aug 15:11
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Doom Patrol is a lot better.

Hopefully they'll have learnt from Titans Season 2.

I'm also liking Stargirl, manages to feel quite a lot like The Rocketeer.