From: william (WILLIAMA)30 Jun 13:21
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Just wiped all the complicated settings off my router because TP-Link thought that having one button for WPS and Reset was a good idea. Shame on me for not making 100% certain and checking the manual first, but honestly??? A few seconds too long trying to connect a printer and BANG! - goodbye settings?

I know WPS is crappy, but I just wanted to test my daughter's printer that's been in the attic for 3 years. Very lucky me - I had a backup file from 3 months ago when I put new firmware on (Broadcom vulnerability) and that was recent enough.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)30 Jun 13:33
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The average consumer would consider the device bricked, and buy a replacement. PROFIT!!!
From: william (WILLIAMA)30 Jun 13:47
I didn't even notice for a couple of days because all the basic wifi and ethernet stuff worked fine. It was only when I spotted my OwnCloud server was unreachable even though it appeared to be up and running. Then I saw it had a weird IP address. Then I couldn't log in to the router (because the user and password had gone back to admin and admin). I have hotspots in the sitting room and upstairs which are connected to the router by ethernet and they kept all of our wifi going, because their SSIDs and passwords stayed the same.
From: Dan Herman (HERMAND)30 Jun 15:51
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From: william (WILLIAMA)30 Jun 19:18
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It was, indeed, Mr H! Hey, that's 1p per unit saved on solder and components. Pure profit. 

But yes. Some knob got all excited because with a little firmware tweak that 1p was available. It was probably the same engineer who had ejector seat and starter button on James Bond's Aston Martin linked. Just tell him if it doesn't start first time, scoot over to the passenger side.