Hitman: Absolution FREE on Gog

From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)12 Jun 20:52
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Next ~72 hours

(Dude looks like Larry David but whatever)

From: william (WILLIAMA)13 Jun 10:23
You beat me to it. Not my kind of game, but I do think that GOG have been generous during the Covid 19 thing with free games and sales.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)13 Jun 12:59
To: william (WILLIAMA) 3 of 8
I added it to my library because OCD, but I doubt I'll ever get around to installing it.
From: graphitone13 Jun 16:56
Claimed my copy, always fancied trying the hitman games, but not enough to fork out for them. Might give it a spin if nothing else happens this weekend
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)13 Jun 21:06
To: graphitone 5 of 8
Or, as pc gamer puts it: "The worst Hitman game can be yours for nothing."

From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)13 Jun 21:09
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On the plus side, it's only a 24G dl.
From: graphitone13 Jun 21:37

I'm hoping it's a so bad it's good experience then. I've been doing lots of indoor cycling on the exercise bike recently (been sheilding, so avoiding proper cycle outings) and to entertain my arms while my legs are otherwise occupied, I've been playing on an install of RetroPie with FinalBurnAlpha which comes with a boat load of arcade roms. I've always been a fan of the Street Fighter games and the ROM set has more than it's fair share of SF2 iterations, including 3rd party knock offs and pirate versions. It's genuinely funny to have no idea what a particular ROM will throw at you. I've been playing through one where characters will randomly teleport, morph into other characters and suddenly have access to all special moves. It's practically unplayable, but still enjoyably crazy.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)14 Jun 18:02
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Fun Fact: H:A also has a town called Hope, with a sport team called the "Cougars".