From: Mikee11 May 14:29
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I was bought a Bonsai tree last year and it's sparked a bit of an interest in me for green and brown living things. 

I've never really even looked at trees or plants before, they've always just been part of the background - but now that I've discovered them, I'm pretty hooked.

I've realised that I don't really care about growing flowers or food, and I don't like things that are already grown. My fascination seems to be with growing plants and trees from seed or from cuttings.

I definitely don't have natural abilities. The vast majority of my seedlings have fallen over and died - but I've had a few successes. I seem to enjoy growing things that I probably shouldn't be attempting, like my Baobab trees.

I'm also experimenting with (hydro|aero|fog)ponics, but it's still early days with that.

Anyone else here green fingered?
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)11 May 14:39
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I grew pot once when I was a teenager. It ended up drying in the rafters of our garage while a local cop stood almost directly underneath, and asked my dad if he had noticed a break-in taking place at the neighbours house the previous evening.

MrsD. has had mixed success with house plants...plants that don't need much watering tend to thrive.
From: milko12 May 21:35
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I am no good at all at it, and don't really try. Just doesn't maintain my interest. I do like to see a good bonsai though. 

Our current garden is in fact a yard, and I do have designs on doing something about that, so hopefully by the end of this summer I'll have magically learned how to do some of the basics and want to keep my kid off my immaculate lawn and so on.
From: Mr (M00RL0CK)31 May 09:15
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I have a recollection of you growing something back in the days of NPCFF.
From: Manthorp31 May 21:42
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Mikee exchanging tablets with a disreputable forumite back in the day
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)31 May 21:46
To: Manthorp 6 of 15
I'm guessing that ain't aspirin.
From: Mr (M00RL0CK) 1 Jun 09:54
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Wait - that's Mikey, not Mikee. Mikey was a punk, Mikee a goth. I'm sure of it. 
From: Manthorp 1 Jun 11:09
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You're right. The Whatsapp posse corrected me in no uncertain terms last night. I haev teh olds.
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From: Manthorp 1 Jun 11:10
I actually don't think it was anything remiss - think it was just a mint. Quite why we were passing it in that fashion, I can't remember. We probably started coronavirus.
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From: william (WILLIAMA) 1 Jun 11:37
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Deleted as it was boring
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 1 Jun 13:46
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Interesting. When did the pangolins get involved?
From: Manthorp 1 Jun 15:47
I'd rather not say.
From: Mikee15 Jun 20:01
To: Mr (M00RL0CK) 14 of 15
Back in those days, my sister had gone off to university so I covered her bedroom in foil, bought huge halogen lamps, and grew some of the finest crop that my friends and I had sampled in our recent trip to Amsterdam.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to replicate the quality.

I have absolutely no idea why my mum allowed me to do that.

These days it's less Purple Haze and more Crape Myrtle.
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From: graphitone16 Jun 06:37
To: Mikee 15 of 15
I'm trying to be green fingered. But up until recently, had zero interest.

When we got our house we really liked that the back garden had no lawn, was mostly 2 levels of decking with a decent sized driveway and had a scant flowerbed running up one side.

It's got to the point where it's embarrassing having the neighbour's gardens each side of us done out, so we're making an effort this summer to get stuff sorted.

A wall's being built along the edge and across the top of an open driveway (blue line in the picture), we've got a load of railway sleepers on order and I'm gonna build six 8'x4' raised planters for green stuff.

I've been looking into how you're supposed to line, fill and maintain these things. This guide seems pretty comprehensive, so gonna follow it and see how it goes. It'll probably be next year before we get anything grown, but I'm hoping for a decent vegetable crop - potatoes, courgette, beans, cabbage that sort of thing.

Got a shed going in at some point too on the flat concrete bit in the middle. I'm essentially using this project as an excuse to use moar power tools. Gonna need a mitre saw for the sleepers, a hefty drill for making the stays in the concrete and something to fill the shed. :C
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