Lockdown fiddling

From: ANT_THOMAS14 Apr 2020 11:37
To: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 26 of 76
I had to update my server a few months back as it was running 14.04 LTS which was end of life. Did a do-release-upgrade to push it to 16.04 LTS, fair to say that's a few hours/days of my life I won't be getting back fixing everything it broke.

Including my mysql db, which it somehow corrupted when upgrading, or there was a HDD issue which caused it to fall over. I managed a partial (nearly full) recovery which I was glad of. This thing mainly holds my home automation temperature data, nothing actually valuable, but would have been very annoying to lose it all.

Got it all back up and running, reinstalled phpmyadmin, mistakenly left it open to the outside world and a couple of weeks later someone "hacked" it and dropped the DB leaving a message in the DB to send them some bitcoins :'D

Restored that original partial backup, locked it down, now it runs a nightly backup. Amusing lesson. I've actually left the message in the DB to remind me each time I use phpmyadmin.
From: Lucy (X3N0PH0N)14 Apr 2020 11:52
To: ANT_THOMAS 27 of 76
Heh, wow that's harsh.

From: william (WILLIAMA)14 Apr 2020 13:29
To: ANT_THOMAS 28 of 76
Hah! That reminds me of upgrading my OwnCloud server with a casual disregard for the upgrade notes, chief of which was the advice that it was essential to upgrade PHP first. That was a balls up and the fun began when I was picking through the wreckage and discovered that to upgrade PHP I needed to upgrade my Raspbian and that anyway, there wasn't a compatible version of PHP in the OwnCloud repository. Oh how I laughed at the prospect of rebuilding all those fiddly bits that I'd forgotten how to do. Delighted to find that the Raspbian upgrade was smooth as silk and I managed to find a version of PHP that went on with a bit of wiggling. Even more delighted that the Owncloud upgrade simply "resumed" where it left off as though nothing had gone wrong.

Didn't get hacked although it's amazing how many port scans turn up in the logs.
From: william (WILLIAMA)14 Apr 2020 13:49
To: koswix 29 of 76
My son runs Plex from a Pi 4 now. Works fine, even transcoding on the fly so he can watch stuff on his phone over t'internet. You probably know that the Pi 4 runs very hot, so it's definitely worth getting a decent active cooler . He's got one of these and the Pi seldom goes over 50C even flat out.

This bloke is doing the Pi 4 for £10 less than most places right now and if you're interested in auctions, there's a couple on ebay right now.
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From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)14 Apr 2020 14:19
To: william (WILLIAMA) 30 of 76
all my ISA cards, IDE cables, motherboard stand-offs and ancient memory modules in the attic

I've got boxes of the stuff piled on warehouse shelving surrounding me and threatening to collapse in a deadly avalanche.

Still, yesterday while hunting around for an old motherboard driver cd, nearly throwing my back out in the process, I stumbled upon a Yorkshire Penny  :-D

From: ANT_THOMAS14 Apr 2020 14:33
To: william (WILLIAMA) 31 of 76
Think I had a very similar issue with PHP. Had all sorts of hassle trying to downgrade, or upgrade, or not use a certain version. Eventually worked somehow with a lot of checking logs which told me not a lot. And since I went to 16.04 (and not 18.04) I'm still a few years out of date and certain packages aren't available.

Probably would have been better to rebuild from scratch in hindsight. Which will be what I probably do when 16.04 goes end of life. No chance a past 14.04 install, which was a mess moving to 16.04 will survive the bump to 18.04.
From: william (WILLIAMA)14 Apr 2020 15:29
What's one of them?
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)14 Apr 2020 20:17
To: william (WILLIAMA) 33 of 76
From: william (WILLIAMA)14 Apr 2020 20:20
How odd. I wonder what they're associated with. The Yorkshire bank?
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)14 Apr 2020 20:25
To: william (WILLIAMA) 35 of 76
They're associated with one Steve Manthorp (& Co.).

From: william (WILLIAMA)14 Apr 2020 20:34
Messrs Manthorp & Gulzar - how curious
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)14 Apr 2020 20:51
To: ALL37 of 76
Update on my lockdown diversion: this morning it would not boot, freezing mid-post, unresponsive to 3-finger salute. Thought I might have done something terrible by impatiently hot-plugging a ps/2 mouse yesterday. (the k9mm-v is usb-finicky).

I decided to try clearing the cmos. Shifting the sound card and some sata cables out of the way, I had just enough room to grasp the jumper (MrsD.'s cosmetic tweezers not up to the job). After it came back to life, I ran updates on Fedora 31, installed xfce desktop to it and turned my ministrations to xp, which was mysteriously ignored by the FC31 grub two -- it's now a subitem in the Windows 7 boot menu, listed as "fucking old windows" or words to that effect. The OS that dares not speak its name.

Where Win7 was running quite snappily yesterday immediately after the install, I found it sluggish, and messed around with the memory cache settings, which seems to have helped. No doubt Win7 wants a lot more ram than xp, but the mb is maxed out at 2G  :-( .

I did a brief trial run of Dead Island Riptide on it. It ran about as well as under xp on this old rig, which is to say not great, but playable. I need better headphones though.
From: william (WILLIAMA)14 Apr 2020 22:06
Life, and old laptops, are like that sometimes
From: Manthorp15 Apr 2020 09:27
To: william (WILLIAMA) 39 of 76
Still got a handful of them left, too.
From: koswix15 Apr 2020 09:53
To: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 40 of 76
Oh well that's better then. Always thought it was odd that the Pi3 added gigabit ethernet onto an already crowded bus.

Kind of stupidly amazing how much processing they've crammed into these ARM SoCs. I mean I'm considering replacing a quad core Xeon tower with something a bit bigger than a credit card >.<
From: koswix15 Apr 2020 09:58
To: william (WILLIAMA) 41 of 76
I'll have a look at that. Still kinda want to resurrect the proper server, but if it's totally dead I'll remove the motherboard etc. and put a Pi4 in an IBM tower case  :'-D 
From: william (WILLIAMA)15 Apr 2020 12:01
To: Manthorp 42 of 76
It all comes back to me now 41886.1
From: william (WILLIAMA)15 Apr 2020 12:03
To: koswix 43 of 76
A proper MAN'S solution. None of this snowflake, nouvelle cuisine, coronavirus-catching, miniature nonsense.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)15 Apr 2020 14:32
To: ALL44 of 76
I've about chalked up the Win7 experiment as a fail, due to 1) jim# likely won't pass activattion in 30-days -- though there's a hack to extend that a couple of times, and 2) the hardware's too sucky for it anyway, certainly for Steam games. Which is, after all, why I built a new one.

So I went back into xp and installed my store-bought dvd of Ghost Recon AW2 and fired that up. It plays pretty well at 1920x1080/medium settings, but could be improved with further tweaks. Game play, graphics etc. hold up pretty well for a 2007 release, plus there's a vast library of mods, including some awesome user-made missions, guns and whatnot. I've got most of it squirrelled away on disk(s), somewhere.

I think this is my best bet for gaming on the old PC.
From: Lucy (X3N0PH0N)15 Apr 2020 16:24
To: koswix 45 of 76
Yeah it's nuts. If I didn't game I could probably get by with one of these things as my main PC these days.