World War Z TWR

From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 4 Apr 2020 12:06
To: ALL1 of 23
Bloaty ripoff of L4D concept trades action, entertainment for ... bloat.

(I got this for free so long ago forgot it was in my Epic lieberry, took it out for a spin. Not worth the 30G dl)
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 5 Apr 2020 12:23
To: ALL2 of 23
Played this a bit more yesterday, one of the regular campaigns, not the 'quick play' which was on a cruise ship as it happens. This one was in NYC, fighting through an upscale shoping mall, onto the street and into the subways. Surprisingly substandard for a 2019 release (wtf?) ... guns suck, zombies really suck (even the boss zombies aren't scary in the least), characters are meh. But I have to say the levels are gorgeous. Epic fail then.
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From: Manthorp 6 Apr 2020 08:53
Is the film any good, do you know? I was considering asking Jim for a copy yesterday.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 6 Apr 2020 13:40
To: Manthorp 4 of 23
I feel like I've seen it but watching the trailer, not so sure I have.
From: Manthorp 6 Apr 2020 14:06
Ta Smiffy Anyone else?
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From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 6 Apr 2020 16:25
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Whelp, one good thing came out of this: I spinned up Dead Island Riptide for the first time in ~18-months, and it is a foookin' great zombie shooter (/stabber/blower-upper), 1000x better than this POS. DI zombies are dangerous AF and scary AF.
From: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 7 Apr 2020 03:25
To: Manthorp 7 of 23
Bit wank. A couple of cool set piece bits but overall a bit wank. Underexplains and ends up not making much sense.

I'm told the book is much better.
From: Manthorp 7 Apr 2020 09:31
To: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 8 of 23
Ta Xen. I'll probably give it a miss then. I have realised over solitary confinement that my favourite niche genre for mindless watching is action horror.

Time for a thread
From: milko 7 Apr 2020 13:49
To: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 9 of 23
The book is meh, fyi imo. Not terrible, not great, it just exists and plays out the premise from start to end. Perhaps if I was a bit more excited by the idea I'd enjoy it more?
From: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 8 Apr 2020 00:09
To: milko 10 of 23
Yeah, my understanding is that it's presented as a report or series of reports? Documentary style, like. So yeah, I think you've *got* to be into the premise to get much from it.

From: milko 8 Apr 2020 11:12
To: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 11 of 23
Yeah, exactly. It’s like reading a bunch of collected columns/diaries/logs. I found it quite forgettable.
From: Manthorp 8 Apr 2020 15:23
To: milko 12 of 23
One of the golden age SF writers - maybe Olaf Stapleton - wrote a book that wholly comprised reviews of imagined books. That, by contrast, was a great read as I remember.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 8 Apr 2020 16:22
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Ditched WWZ the game, played smore DIR and even launched L4D2 just to be sure. Yep, WWZ is irredeemably bad.
From: Linn (INDYLS) 8 Apr 2020 20:18
I picked it up free on Epic a week or so ago. Glad you saved me the effort of trying it out :)
I noticed I have a dead island beta in my steam library. Anyone tried that?   
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 8 Apr 2020 20:52
To: Linn (INDYLS) 15 of 23
Beta? Like for a DI3?
From: koswix14 Apr 2020 08:16
To: Manthorp 16 of 23
Was very interesting how they turned Glasgow city centre in to New York via the magic of swapping some street signs and dotting a few yellow cabs about the place.
From: Manthorp15 Apr 2020 09:25
To: koswix 17 of 23
I feel like I must see it now. Watch out for the Zombie army massing at the corner of Tenth and Sauchiehall.


From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)15 Apr 2020 13:18
To: ALL18 of 23
I remember suckyhall! (lived in Glasgow for several months winter of '76-77 while I commuted to Edinburgh College of Art)
From: Linn (INDYLS)15 Apr 2020 17:23
I think its called Dead Island Epidemic. I should install it and see what it is I guess.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)15 Apr 2020 19:55
To: Linn (INDYLS) 20 of 23
It's a top-down isometric game  :-S