Stay at home

From: Chris (CHRISSS)18 Mar 2020 19:37
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Play games instead. GoG have got 27 free games.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)19 Mar 2020 10:28
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I'm doing my part, slogging through the Far Cry Arcade. Some really good, some really bad.
From: Lucy (X3N0PH0N)22 Mar 2020 09:35
To: Chris (CHRISSS) 3 of 5
I'm not really an indoorsy person but I'll give it a go.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)24 Mar 2020 16:10
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Recommended FC5 arcade maps for PC:

Insane Dream. By Ubisoft's own developers, this is FAAAAR out!

A Pharaoh to Arms. Egyptian themed. Duh.
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From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 1 May 2020 18:19
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Best FC5 Arcade map creator: "AKAFootloose".

A whole pack of angry and well-armed rednecks, like in the Michigan statehouse yesterday, only you get to shoot back!

There's quite a few to choose from, but the toughest so far is "Mansion Mayhem"