Smashwords or Lulu?

From: Weatherlawyer (MIKE)23 Feb 17:27
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Smashwords or Lulu?
From: Manthorp23 Feb 19:58
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Lulu has served me pretty well. Decent quality printing, quick turnaround.
From: Weatherlawyer (MIKE)23 Feb 21:27
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Compared to?
From: Manthorp23 Feb 22:48
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To nowt. Just commenting on the one service I've used.
From: Weatherlawyer (MIKE)23 Feb 23:28
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Me too. So where can I find a comparison in this font of ubiquity?

I just want to get rich without working.
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From: graphitone23 Feb 23:32
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From: Manthorp24 Feb 09:57
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Writing is hard work. At least, writing something that sells is. My gothic mystery novel Jackdaw (available via Lulu, Kindle and all good book stores, natch) took years to write, has sold getting on for 1,000 copies (more, I'm told, than most poetry book runs, but still pretty pitiful) and has only made me something in the order of £1,000. I only get £0.01 for paper copies bought through bookshops.

My second novel, Dying for Hammer (to my mind, a better book) has sold only a tiny handful. I don't know why.
From: milko24 Feb 12:52
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marketing and discoverability, innit.
From: william (WILLIAMA)24 Feb 13:24
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I told everybody not to buy it. Soz  :'-( 
From: william (WILLIAMA)24 Feb 14:51
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The median annual income of a professional author is £10,500 (US$11,300), which is well below the minimum wage 

This has been falling year on year in both actual and real terms since figures have been collected. Almost no publishing houses, with the exception of a few very small independents will consider a book, even from a well-known author, unless it comes via a literary agent. The chances of a new author being taken on by a literary agent are remote. An agent I spoke to in September told me that she receives 50 or 60 unsolicited manuscripts every week and has had as many as 300. Last year she took on 2 new authors. Some big agencies get far more submissions. So work for 1 or 2 years to produce  the best book you can, submit it to all the agencies you can find that take your kind of writing and the chances of getting taken on are marginally better than zero. The chances of then having the book published and making any money, even enough to cover the cost of writing it, are similar or worse.

On the other hand, type up your green crayon scribblings, load it up to Amazon for free and BINGO! You're a published author. That explains why Amazon has 60 trillion self-published books. Seeing as that's quite a flock of books to get lost in it explains why the average self-published novel sells a copy to your mum and dad, a couple to your cousins, and 1 to that weird bloke who's been following you into bars recently.
From: Manthorp24 Feb 16:18
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 :'-(  :'-(  :'-( 
From: william (WILLIAMA)24 Feb 16:33
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But, to make up for that little jape, I dashed over to Amazon and bought a Kindle copy myself. That's very nearly two pounds and ten pee in your hot little hand. That's more money than you can make outside Morrison's Petrol Station obliging bargees from the River Worth! How are you going to spend it?
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)24 Feb 17:21
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Downpayment on a pint?
From: Manthorp24 Feb 19:50
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Thangyewvermuch WmA.

Going to find me a strapping bargee...