The Boys (amazon tv series)

From: milko22 Oct 2019 19:33
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It's an 'adult' (meaning it has a lot of swearing, gore, and occasional nudity - mostly male when it does) TV show satirising the Marvel and DC comics universe. Based on some actual comics itself.

I wasn't sure what to expect, I'm not particularly a big fan of all these comic book movies around lately, but I really enjoyed this and so did Mrs Milko. It's very funny at times (usually in a pretty dark way) and has some neat ideas. It's all laid on pretty thick, but that's part of the fun. One of the lead actors (Karl Urban) has an atrocious accent, which turned out to be supposed to be English/Cockney but sounds largely Australian with bits of Irish and English thrown in now and again. He's got some pretty good lines throughout.

Well, we hoovered the 8 episodes in 8 nights, which is the fastest we can watch anything at all and therefore I have to give it just about top marks. It's hardly flawless of course, but the flaws didn't really matter.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)22 Oct 2019 21:01
To: milko 2 of 8
I read the comics, they are brilliant.

OK, I read some of the comics. Apparently there's a fuckload of 'em.
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From: william (WILLIAMA)25 Oct 2019 22:06
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On the basis of your recommendation, started watching. 2 episodes in. Looks good. Aims for a level of gory black humour somewhere due south of Breaking Bad. Lacks the all round quality but more than compensates with the buckets of blood.

I'd been aware that it was starting, but was put off by yet-another-superpower-series. Glad I read your post.
From: william (WILLIAMA)28 Oct 2019 21:27
To: milko 4 of 8
Right, well that's that. All watched.

Enjoyed that - and good to see they're already planning/filming the next season. The problem with binge watching is ending up with dozens of watched seasons, waiting for the next one to appear and hoping that I haven't forgotten all the plot points and story from last time. Gave up on the Abyss final season after a couple of episodes. Had to go back and watch all of the earlier episodes first.

I see they've cancelled one of my favourites, the OA, leaving it on a huge cliff-hanger. That was a series it was hard to get back into for season 2. Bastards.
From: gracia (GRACEINC)30 Oct 2019 11:34
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S2 needs a countdown showing all the animals that will senselessly die due to The Deep's incompetence. but also gald for Kripke finally found success beyond supernatural. Though its a prime original but its available to watch on ATRESplayer! Great show can’t wait for s2
From: william (WILLIAMA)30 Oct 2019 16:31
To: gracia (GRACEINC) 6 of 8
The scene where "the Deep (Lord of the Seven Seas)" attempts to liberate a dolphin from an aquarium is unbelievably funny.
From: milko30 Oct 2019 17:32
To: william (WILLIAMA) 7 of 8
yes, I could see it coming a mile away but I was still laughing a lot, just perfect. 
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