"Cheap" OnePlus 7 (8GB TBH)

From: william (WILLIAMA)29 Jul 11:16
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Just in case any of teh folks are looking for a new phone, the OnePlus 7 8GB not the pro, at £365


Amazon.co.uk are doing the same at £549 so looks like a pretty good deal. If you're a sucker for extra RAM and humungous data storage, the same link has the 12GB model with 256GB for £430 
From: ANT_THOMAS29 Jul 14:04
To: william (WILLIAMA) 2 of 12
That looks to be a good deal does that.
From: william (WILLIAMA)29 Jul 14:07
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I was quite interested because Mrs WilliamA needs a new phone. Problem is we're off on holiday round about the delivery date, even if I shell out the extra £20 for a 'rush' delivery.

It's actually cheaper to get the 12GB/256GB version than the older OnePlus 6 of a lower spec can be got most places.
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From: ANT_THOMAS29 Jul 14:12
To: william (WILLIAMA) 4 of 12
If I was in the market for a new phone I'd probably get one.

Currently got a OnePlus 6 8GB/256GB and hoping to get at least another year out of it. My only big issue with my previous OnePlus 3 was I struggled with 64GB of space. Otherwise I was still fairly happy with it.
From: william (WILLIAMA)29 Jul 19:20
To: ANT_THOMAS 5 of 12
From what I can see there's precious little difference between the 6 and 7 with the 6T being pretty much on a par until you get to the 7 pro. If I had a 6 I wouldn't be interested in upgrading to the 7 either. 

I've got a 5 at the moment and tbh that's fine for me. I had a OnePlus 1 then a 2 which I was never especially happy with. My wife, who is totally uninterested in phones, took my OnePlus 1, but then when I got the 5 she insisted on getting rid of the old OnePlus 1 and using my old OnePlus 2 (God all those numbers). I did warn her that I thought it was a step down in spite of the faster processor etc. because she mainly uses it to listen to the radio going to work which means that the battery lasts about half a day, whereas the older phone was much more efficient. She hasn't said much but I get the impression she wishes she'd kept the old one (which she passed on to somebody else) so when I saw that offer I immediately thought I'd treat her. It's just a pain that the delivery is so hit and miss (up to 8 days) and even paying more doesn't improve things. If they'd offer really slow delivery, say a month, I'd definitely get her one.
From: ANT_THOMAS29 Jul 20:24
To: william (WILLIAMA) 6 of 12
Possible to get it delivered or her workplace or a family member just in case?
From: Peter (BOUGHTONP)29 Jul 20:43
To: william (WILLIAMA) 7 of 12
> If they'd offer really slow delivery, say a month, I'd definitely get her one.

Seems to be out of stock now... though the other models are available.

Could you have it delivered to the place you're staying on holiday, or does that only work in the movies?

From: william (WILLIAMA)29 Jul 21:16
To: ANT_THOMAS 8 of 12
Can't deliver it to her workplace. No family members within 80 miles. I have got a couple of friends nearby that I would normally consider but as luck would have it, they're away now. I suppose I could ask my neighbours. 
From: william (WILLIAMA)29 Jul 21:31
To: Peter (BOUGHTONP) 9 of 12
Not really surprised it's out of stock at that price - it was a top shopping hit on a google search*. And I doubt they'd post it to France (especially with a UK debit card) and even if they did, it would probably arrive after we'd left knowing my luck. 

*and I don't imagine they had a huge stock at that price. 

There'll be more offers at some point.
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From: william (WILLIAMA) 4 Sep 11:14
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As of 5 minutes ago, it's back in stock at £9 less than the price I first saw it at. 

Mrs WmA took her Oneplus 2 out in the rain yesterday. It's currently sitting in a warm place with the case open. It goes into standby with a push of the button, but buzzes constantly and won't power off when out of standby. Shows no sign of drying out yet. Wouldn't be surprised if I'm digging deep in a day or so,
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 4 Sep 13:11
To: william (WILLIAMA) 11 of 12
Once upon a time I read somewhere if you put it in a container full of uncooked rice, that will draw the moisture out of it.
From: william (WILLIAMA) 4 Sep 14:16
Yes, I did some searching a few years back when I got water all over my phone. Rice is popular, also silica gel. I never have silica gel to hand or hang on to those little sachets that come with some posh electricals or other dry goods (who does?). Silica gel, and possibly rice, works by absorbing moisture from the air. I suppose the theory is that in a confined space like a small sealed container if the air is dry then it will hold more moisture as it evaporates off your phone. 

Anyway, I opened Mrs WmA's phone up so that all the innards pointed skywards and sat it on our cable modem as that's the hottest place available. Seems to be behaving itself now, so it's off getting a charge.