Stan & Ollie TWR

From: Manthorp25 Mar 11:52
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Warm, elegaic homage. Coogan and (especially) Reilly, channel like Acorahs.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)25 Mar 13:19
To: Manthorp 2 of 7
I'm a big L&H fan, the preview looks promising, and I like Coogan and Reilly... I've yet to see a successful biopic, by which I mean one that transcends its material. Case in point, we just watched Mary Shelly.
From: Manthorp25 Mar 15:03
I've not seen Mary Shelley & wouldn't expect much of it - too easy to go down that camp gothy route.  I think the script of S&O was quite clever in starting when their careers were well into the wane. It allows nostalgia while still having a bit (a small bit) of an edge.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)25 Mar 15:17
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Well, Mary Shelley was a heroic but failed attempt to transcend its material. It emphatically did not go down the camp goth route, but played it safe as an intellectual/aristocratic soap in respectable (occasionally shabby) period costumes, and agreeably attractive actors. MrsD. and I felt it added nothing to interesting myths, despite earnest efforts to set them in stone.

Oh yeah, MrsD. saw Stan & Ollie at the cinema, and quite liked it.
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From: Manthorp25 Mar 15:22
It doesn't warrant much more than quite liking it, but that's enough for me these days. And, as I say, John C Reilly's Ollie is a cracking good turn. 
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)25 Mar 16:02
To: Manthorp 6 of 7
Never seen him turn in a bad performance. He's great in Sisters Brothers.
From: milko25 Mar 16:14
To: Manthorp 7 of 7
ohh, Sisters Brothers is where I knew him from. 

I watched S&O on Saturday evening, it was indeed: alright. I guess there's not a whole heap of things for them to say and do without inventing a whole new backstory.