American Gods (2017) TWR

From: Manthorp10 Jan 13:44
To: ALL13 of 18
I've got a Neil Gaiman novel that isn't autographed. I'm hanging on to it on the basis that its rarity will make it collectable in future.
From: [The best version of] (DSMITHHFX)10 Jan 17:00
To: Manthorp 14 of 18
Does he routinely autograph everything published, so this is the equivalent of an uncancelled Penny Black?
From: Peter (BOUGHTONP)10 Jan 19:47
To: ALL15 of 18
Bah! What does a guy have to do to get a decent flamewar going these days? :@
From: [The best version of] (DSMITHHFX)10 Jan 23:35
To: Peter (BOUGHTONP) 16 of 18
Don't bring a bic lighter to a blowtorch fight.
From: Manthorp11 Jan 08:25
To: [The best version of] (DSMITHHFX) 17 of 18
Absolutely. In addition to his endless official book-signings, he apparently has a habit of signing them unasked when he's in bookshops.
From: [The best version of] (DSMITHHFX)11 Jan 16:05
To: Manthorp 18 of 18
Damn. I wouldn't have stolen the library copy if I'd known it's the unsigned ones that are rare.