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From: milko10 Jul 2019 22:45
To: graphitone 21 of 25
Ooh, I forgot this thread as well. Since I like Sparklehorse I will check that one out.

Currently pretty HYPE is the new Black Midi album. The singer’s got a pretty damn annoying voice and lyrics, but somehow he’s so committed to it that he comes out into good again. Meanwhile the playing of the rock music is excellent. It’s a winner!
From: graphitone11 Jul 2019 08:33
To: milko 22 of 25
Got through half the protomartyr album last night. There interesting stuff there, I think it's one of those bands that will grow on me over time. I'm fine check out the back catalogue and start listening to their earlier stuff.
From: milko11 Jul 2019 13:05
To: graphitone 23 of 25
Honestly that album seemed the peak for me, I haven't got as much out of the earlier or later stuff so far. But I've not tried very hard either. But yeah, Relatives wasn't an immediate hit for me, or at least not to the degree it ended up.
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From: Emma (EMMASANCHEZ3)12 Jul 2019 08:02
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There's a lot of good music/bands these days. It's good to try new music genre too.
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