Oculus Rift

From: milko12 Apr 2017 22:13
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I've got a lead on getting one with touch controllers for a relatively cheap price (second hand "as new" kinda thing). Can't decide! Have any of you spent much time in it? I don't really have the space or the time, but I do have the gadget lust. The nearest I've experienced is a GearVR, and not even the latest gen of that.
From: Serg (NUKKLEAR)12 Apr 2017 22:38
To: milko 2 of 4
For me it'd all depend on how much... I think they're about £600 without the touch controllers? So if someone said to me £350 second hand with the touch controllers, I'd be all over it like a bad rash. I could probably be arm wrangled for an extra £50...

There isn't a huge amount for them right now, but I reckon it's going to explode in the next couple of years. You'll need a pretty good PC though to do it justice!
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From: milko14 Apr 2017 07:55
To: Serg (NUKKLEAR) 3 of 4
£450 with touch. And a bit far to drive to collect.

I've a fairly beefy pc, nvidia 980 graphics. Not cutting edge but powerful enough for it.
From: Manthorp14 Apr 2017 17:25
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I have (in theory) bought a complete (very local) second-hand HTC Vive rig for £560 on Ebay, but the party of the second part hasn't responded to my email pleas to pick it up for 30 hours, so I'm starting to get fretty.