Dual NIC Issue/Help

From: Ken (SHIELDSIT)22 Nov 2016 14:57
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So lets say I have a PC with at least 2 Ethernet ports.  One is assigned an IP from DHCP, and one is set manually.  They are different subnets, so for example:

NIC 1:
IP: 10.36.8.

NIC 2:

The problem I have is this.  When both adapters are enabled the internet doesn't work.  It appears the computer is trying to use NIC 2, if I set a gateway address for NIC 2 would that fix this issue?  I see this on multiple PC's and it's pissing me off!
From: koswix22 Nov 2016 23:59
To: Ken (SHIELDSIT) 2 of 4
What OS?

Linux: https://www.thomas-krenn.com/en/wiki/Two_Default_Gateways_on_One_System

Windows: :'D
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From: Serg (NUKKLEAR)23 Nov 2016 09:14
To: Ken (SHIELDSIT) 3 of 4
Presumably only one of the NICs is connected to a network which has Internet access?

The GUI way is to go into TCP/IPv4 Properties, Advanced, and set a default gateway with a metric lower than any other default gateways (Windows will prefer the default gateway with the lowest metric). If you're still a bit stuck, do a "route print" and show us/me - via Hangouts if you want it less public.

If your machine is configured to use a DNS server on one of the local LANs, you'll need to make sure it's reachable.
From: Dan Herman (HERMAND)25 Nov 2016 11:45
To: Serg (NUKKLEAR) 4 of 4
I'd say get rid of the DFGW completely on the second NIC. Even with metrics, it doesn't really make much sense to have two gateways defined IMHO - should just add static routes if required.