.NET programs on Linux?

From: Harry (HARRYN)11 Nov 2016 18:30
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A few years ago I move almost everything for desktop office related to Linux Mint.  I am a user level, not a programmer or strong IT person, but take care of everything myself. (not perfectly, but functionally)

I recently purchased some equipment that has a very nice user interface and data logging based on window 7 and the .NET framework.  I don't have to use this user interface, but it is quite convenient, so most likely I will buy another laptop soon that can run it before there aren't any win 7 laptops out there.

I was curious though, has anyone tried to run programs that are based on the win 7 + .NET framework under a linux variation, or is that pushing the simulator model too far?


From: ANT_THOMAS11 Nov 2016 19:39
To: Harry (HARRYN) 2 of 3
You could try with Wine but if there's specific drivers for the equipment then it might not be a good idea.

Another way could be to use something like VirtualBox to run a Windows 7 virtual machine on the Linux system and use that when required. If your laptop is relatively modern then it should virtualise OK.
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From: Lucy (X3N0PH0N)12 Nov 2016 12:23
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Mono is an open source .NET framework that's better than .NET in a lot of ways. A lot of .NET stuff on Windows actually uses the Mono runtime rather than MS's .NET ones. So there's some chance that it'll 'just work' on Linux.

Copy the program to a Linux machine, make sure Mono is installed then chmod +x the .exe then try running it from a terminal. You may get missing .dll errors, if so just copy those .dlls across, putting them in the same directory as the .exe and try again. This can often work.

Otherwise, porting from .NET to Mono is very easy, so it might be worth nudging whoever makes this and nicely asking if they can do a Linux build.

Failing that, yeah, Wine should work fine as Ant says.

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