Dr. Strange

From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 6 Nov 2016 14:30
To: ALL1 of 3
Dimestore mysticism on the big screen. Easily the best of recent Marvel outings for the visuals, if not the meh characters (Swinton's Ancient One excepted). See it.
From: Voltane 7 Nov 2016 20:43
I thought it was enjoyable. A lot more humour than I expected (considering the character. About normal for Marvel).
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)25 Nov 2018 15:26
To: ALL3 of 3
Am I allowed to change my mind? Just re-watched this on the small screen, mainly because of FC4's blatant Orientalism, which is reckoned to be a bad word nowadays, with considerable justification.

But this is innocent, 1970s hippy Orientalism, when all the cool kids hung bad mandala reproductions on their walls and went to Kathmandu seeking to heal their bodies broken when they crashed their daddy's maserati while discussing brain surgery... anyhooo... the visuals are real trippy (Mrs.D compared the Dark World to viruses inside a stomach) and the characters are all ace, including Swinton's bald white guru shtick. Bravura performance by Cumberbatch.
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