Unplayable video file

From: koswix 9 Aug 2016 16:52
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Just been out with Jaiden's new drone for the first time. It's pretty cool, has FPV and records video to SD card, too.

But I can't play the video files! There's three filesin the Video folder - two videos (sure we took more :\ ) and one caled AAAAAAA.AAA (0kb).

VLC says it can't play them. That means I'm screwed, yeah?

One file (127MB) is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8m100ve44kx6mz2/SUNP0002.AVI?dl=0
From: koswix 9 Aug 2016 16:53
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Uploading to Youtube results in a 'Video failed to process' error :(
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 9 Aug 2016 16:57
To: koswix 3 of 13
Is it supposed to be a standard video format (mpg, wmv)? OIC, AVI. ISTR youtube only handles certain formats. Any chance the sd card is corrupted?
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From: koswix 9 Aug 2016 16:59
The photos we took (3 of them) all came off fine. It's entirely possible the card is toast, it came free with the quad.
From: koswix 9 Aug 2016 17:06
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using VideoInspector it says that the codec is IBM Motion JPEG for the larger of the files (500 meg, so there's definitely something in there!), but it's all blank for the 2nd one.
From: koswix 9 Aug 2016 17:10
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ooh, youtube has processed the bigger file!
From: koswix 9 Aug 2016 17:14
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From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 9 Aug 2016 17:27
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Yay!  :-O~~~

I dl the dropbox and nothing here played it, must need the special codec for it.
From: koswix 9 Aug 2016 17:54
I think maybe the drone crashed and switched off power while still recording. If I could repair the header....
From: ANT_THOMAS 9 Aug 2016 17:58
To: koswix 10 of 13
Dropping power or low battery could definitely cause corruption. Can you define the length of the files recorded? Make them small like 1 minute each which will help in case of low battery or crashing!
From: koswix10 Aug 2016 08:43
To: ANT_THOMAS 11 of 13
No, can only start /stop :(

I think emergency cutoff also cuts power to the camera. Must remember to stop filming before panicking :D
From: ANT_THOMAS10 Aug 2016 09:47
To: koswix 12 of 13
Reminds me of the cheap drone I bought a few years ago (that I need to repair), when flying it and getting slightly out of shape, instead of doing something rational I'd panic and cause it to drop out of the sky much worse than if I'd just thought properly for a split second.
From: koswix10 Aug 2016 14:07
To: ANT_THOMAS 13 of 13
This has altitude hold, so in theory just stopping pressing the controls should cause it to hover. Trouble is when it's already carrying speed and you can't work out which way it's facing to slow it down. There's a headless mode (left is always left etc, relative to launch location), but I couldn't seem to get it to engage yesterday. Also a 1 key return button that I only just remembered about.