CMS lamp stack compatibility

From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)30 Jun 2016 14:30
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Client wants we should build a new project with a CMS (plain ole' html would be hella faster, cheaper and generally better in every way, but hey, CMS!), which we've somewhat arbitrarily narrowed down to drupal, cause that's what they already use, or wordpress, cause it's easy.

Their corporate web stack runs drupal 7.4.3 on php 5.6x and mysql 5.5x (latest wordpress needs both >= 5.6).

But for now, we don't actually know where this project will be hosted.

Anyone know the ramifications of installing a CMS built with earlier-than-hosting versions of php &or mysql ? (e.g., I can run drupal 7.44 here on php 5.3.2, mysql 5.1.73)

To make this extra fun, we will probably *not* have root or ftp access to the host.