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From: Manthorp15 Jun 2016 12:44
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Eyup all.  I'm trying run a video on a tft screen on a Pi running Raspbian.  I've installed omxplayer, but that outputs by default to HDMI.  I've installed fbcp to copy the signal from fb0 to fb1, but as soon as I run fbcp with the command:
fbcp &
What appears to be a screenshot of the raspian boot screen occupies the screen and can't be closed.  Does anyone know what's going on?  And how I can stop it going on?
From: Manthorp15 Jun 2016 13:00
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Problem solved: I used mplayer instead, which recognises the screen. *\o/*
From: koswix15 Jun 2016 13:26
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Have you tried mplayer? I think that will recognise the screen you have.
From: Serg (NUKKLEAR)15 Jun 2016 14:17
To: Manthorp 4 of 17
I don't have a RaspberriPi, however I know some have had success in the past by slightly increasing the AGP voltage. Have you tried that?
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)15 Jun 2016 15:24
To: Serg (NUKKLEAR) 5 of 17
I still use an AGP card, you insensitive clod. :C
From: Manthorp15 Jun 2016 15:57
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You're all such tremendous help.  Bugger, don't get blue font in quick reply.
From: Manthorp15 Jun 2016 16:02
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But while I have your collective attention, there's another little issue arisen.  I want the Pi to launch directly into mplayer looping the video file fullscreen.  In LXTerminal it runs as I want it to if I enter
mplayer -fs LizardPorn.mp4 -loop 0
I thought all I had to do to run it at boot was to add it at the end of /etc/rc.local , but that doesn't work. Any ideas why not, and how to fix it?
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)15 Jun 2016 16:04
To: Manthorp 8 of 17
Gotta link to LizardPorn.mp4 ?
From: ANT_THOMAS15 Jun 2016 16:05
To: Manthorp 9 of 17
I think it's because rc.local does things in the background. Whereas when you're logged in and doing it manually you're very much in the foreground.

Try this :
DISPLAY=":0" mplayer -fs LizardPorn.mp4 -loop 0

Though display number might be wrong because you're not on the default, fiddle with that yj

Or try some sort of autologin (which I think you did with the lonely project)
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From: Manthorp15 Jun 2016 16:54
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Thanks Ant.  I also wondered whether the command would fare better in the bashrc script?  I don't know what the difference is between the two.
From: graphitone15 Jun 2016 19:50
To: Manthorp 11 of 17
Does mplayer play music files? Might be the solution for my little project... (I'll do some ing laterf
From: graphitone15 Jun 2016 19:51
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Bastard phone. :((
From: Manthorp16 Jun 2016 08:07
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Yes, it does.
From: graphitone16 Jun 2016 10:11
To: Manthorp 14 of 17
Grand - I didn't have time to do much googling about it last night, but it looks like it supports a touchscreen interface - do you know if it supports the small screens out of the box with an appropriate small screen GUI?
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From: Manthorp16 Jun 2016 12:46
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Mine was a generic 3.2 incher, John, but it worked fine with Waveform's Raspbian image here, or you could just install the driver on the same page.
From: graphitone16 Jun 2016 14:41
To: Manthorp 16 of 17
I've been experimenting with a version of Jessie lite (the newer version of Raspbian custom packaged from adafruit with their drivers built in), which has been working well with the screen. I just need a small screen GUI for an MP3 player to go with it.

I've been checking out a few more guides, searching less specific criteria and found this guide where the dude has XBMC running on a (albeit larger) touchscreen in his car. I've not read through the whole thing properly yet, but I'll hopefully be able to cobble something together from his guide tonight. 
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From: Manthorp16 Jun 2016 21:24
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The image I linked to does a good job of forcing the GUI to 320x240.  It would be funkier still if I could force windows to a similar size.