Webcam capture or editing software recommend-me-do.

From: Some call me... (PSYCHO_GEEZER)24 Apr 2016 15:02
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Ahoy peeps, I've been using to record my BSL homework on.  I'm looking for a piece of software that will allow me to remove sound from the file to make the size smaller, is there something in Windows (8.1) to do this, or can anyone recommend me a free and easy to use for morons piece of software?

Also, is there a free and easy to use for morons capture program I can download where the audio is muted by default?  My webcam didn't come with a software suite or owt.

Anyone that says "google it" owes me a blowjob.

Mwuah x
From: ANT_THOMAS24 Apr 2016 15:03
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VLC can do capturing and should allow you to choose codecs and mute audio.
From: Some call me... (PSYCHO_GEEZER)24 Apr 2016 15:27
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From: ANT_THOMAS24 Apr 2016 15:42
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Yep. Rather than opening a file you can capture and save to file.
From: ANT_THOMAS24 Apr 2016 15:43
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From: Some call me... (PSYCHO_GEEZER)24 Apr 2016 15:52
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Ta, I managed to get this to work but it doesn't show me on the screen when it's recording.  I need to see that my hands/face are in shot correctly enough to be read.
From: ANT_THOMAS24 Apr 2016 16:11
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There's a box that you can tick that says "display locally". Try that.
From: ANT_THOMAS24 Apr 2016 16:13
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From: Some call me... (PSYCHO_GEEZER)24 Apr 2016 16:22
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Nope :(
That gives me a still shot from the moment I open the camera and only shows that 1 shot.
From: ANT_THOMAS24 Apr 2016 16:38
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Same here :C

Just opening the webcam without streaming/recording works fine.
From: Some call me... (PSYCHO_GEEZER)24 Apr 2016 16:44
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Ah bugger it.  For now I have taken the file from and edited the sound down to 0 in Movie Maker.  It still has the sound data in it, but just saving the file again with 'recommended settings' shaves off a few MB.
From: Lucy (X3N0PH0N)24 Apr 2016 21:16
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ffmpeg -i whatever.mp4 -c copy -an whatever_nosound.mp4

Pretty sure ffmpeg works the same on Windows as on Linux so that should work. Should also be very fast since it's not re-encoding, just copying without the sound. '-an' is the switch that removes the sound.

From: Lucy (X3N0PH0N)24 Apr 2016 21:54
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Done some tests and stripping the audio is unlikely to save much space. This command will reduce the resolution down to 720 and strip the audio and use a pretty low bitrate. Should save some space. Obviously you can reduce the resolution further by changing "1280x720" to whatever you like. You can also change the bitrate by editing "-crf 30" to whatever you like. Higher crf = lower quality. (goes from 0-51 I believe).
ffmpeg -i whatever.mkv -an -vcodec libx264 -crf 30 -threads 0 -s 1280x720 whatever_smaller.mkv

Needs a version of ffpmeg with x264 support. I have no idea whether the default one on Windows has this but if not you can download one that does from here: (may as well get the static builds to keep it simple).
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From: Some call me... (PSYCHO_GEEZER)24 Apr 2016 22:48
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Thanks babes, I appreciate you too.  I was just getting miffed with how long it seemed to take to upload a relatively small file to dropbox, so thought I could take a minute to save some upload time.  This is definitely turning out to be harder than I thought, so I'll just work on being patient.
From: Lucy (X3N0PH0N)25 Apr 2016 00:18
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