Android music app

From: koswix17 Jan 2016 00:41
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I have my music library on a network share. Are there any decent apps on Android that will take that as a library and do library type things with it?
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From: milko24 Nov 2020 09:23
To: koswix 3 of 6
local-only or does it need to work when you're out and about?

I think Kodi will do it (along with video etc). Everything else i've used for that didn't really do the library thing but I haven't tried much.
From: koswix24 Nov 2020 10:04
To: milko 4 of 6
Holy thread resurrection, Batman!

Can't even remember what the use case was back then... mostly just use Spotify now anyway.
From: milko24 Nov 2020 12:00
To: koswix 5 of 6
oh, bother. I got fooled by a spammer doing the thread resurrection, even though I wasn't fooled enough to actually let their post through. Duh.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)26 Nov 2020 16:53
To: milko 6 of 6
when I tried accessing a network music share from my phone, it downloaded the file I wanted to play to my phone instead. So I gave up. Plus my phone has shitty earbuds anyway.  :-[