!Interlink Express

From: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 6 Oct 2014 19:32
To: ANT_THOMAS 2 of 44
Yeah I got a parcel via them the other day and have to agree. The tracking shows you the name of the driver :>
From: ANT_THOMAS 6 Oct 2014 19:47
To: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 3 of 44
Yep, Darren did a good job :)
From: Peter (BOUGHTONP) 6 Oct 2014 22:59
To: ANT_THOMAS 4 of 44
Yep, they're the same company/group as DPD.

I filter online stores based on the couriers used - anyone using Interlink/DPD gets considered before the rest.

From: Dan Herman (HERMAND) 6 Oct 2014 23:09
To: Peter (BOUGHTONP) 5 of 44
Peter! I was in your neck of the woods recently, but I think the phone number I have for you is from 2004 or something :D
From: Peter (BOUGHTONP) 6 Oct 2014 23:35
To: Dan Herman (HERMAND) 6 of 44
Probably. I have a bad habit of not transferring numbers. :(

Standing outside East Croydon station and yelling really loudly probably has a better chance of working.

From: ANT_THOMAS 7 Oct 2014 00:37
To: Peter (BOUGHTONP) 7 of 44
Indeed, the card they left was a DPD card.
From: Ken (SHIELDSIT) 9 Oct 2014 09:34
To: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 8 of 44
Was it anything fun, or was it a bill?
From: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 9 Oct 2014 10:35
To: Ken (SHIELDSIT) 9 of 44
New mouse.
From: Ken (SHIELDSIT) 9 Oct 2014 11:26
To: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 10 of 44
Are you happy with it?
From: graphitone 9 Oct 2014 16:38
To: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 11 of 44
Are you left handed? Not that it'd particularly matter with an ambidextrous design like that. I've been looking for a good (but not wildly priced) left handed mouse for a while. That looks nice n' balanced with a sensible amount of clickable bits.

As Ken said, let us know what it's like.
From: milko 9 Oct 2014 18:06
To: graphitone 12 of 44
I use a rather similar-looking Steelseries Sensei which can sometimes be had for cheap. I used to like MS Intellimouse Explorers but they kept breaking down after a couple of years. Hopefully this one lasts longer, it's certainly nice and well reviewed.
From: af (CAER) 9 Oct 2014 20:03
To: graphitone 13 of 44
What milko said – SteelSeries do various mice in that shape. My ladyfriend has a Kinzu V2, which seems nice if you have small hands. It's a bit flat and small for my liking; the Sensei is better for that, but I didn't really get on with mine very well because I found the thumb buttons far too easy to press accidentally. Mind you I have fat thumbs, so perhaps it won't bother you.
From: graphitone 9 Oct 2014 20:19
To: milko af (CAER) 14 of 44
Cheers both, I remember now reading a good sensei review, I like their unfussy style.

I could do with trying one out somewhere to see how it fits my hand as I'm somewhere between a claw and palm grip. I don't get on with tiny mice either.
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From: milko 9 Oct 2014 20:22
To: graphitone 15 of 44
I think PC world of all places had some steelseries in, you could maybe get a quick hold.
From: Chris (CHRISSS) 9 Oct 2014 20:34
To: milko 16 of 44
From: johngti_mk-ii 9 Oct 2014 20:39
To: Chris (CHRISSS) 17 of 44
Possibly. He does live on the posh side of London so who knows what services his local pc world offer. Perhaps a little gentle cupping. Maybe a little nuzzle.

He's probably a regular customer
From: Chris (CHRISSS) 9 Oct 2014 21:00
To: johngti_mk-ii 18 of 44
I might be tempted to visit PC World if they offered services like that down here.
From: graphitone 9 Oct 2014 22:50
To: milko 19 of 44
(nod) I'll check out our local PC world one lunchtime. You have to have a fondle before making a decision.
From: milko 9 Oct 2014 23:10
To: johngti_mk-ii 20 of 44
Very much YJ, but the PC World I tend to go to is in Slough, very much not posh. Actually, the one nearest my house is a scuzzy bit next to the M4 as well! I send the butler.
From: koswix 9 Oct 2014 23:14
To: ALL21 of 44
I've got some car parts coming with APC Overnight. Their online tracking has 3 entries so far:

Entry one: Yesterday, booked by [person sending package]
Entry two: Yesterday, recieved at Depot in [place it's being sent from]
Entry three: This afternoon, carded (no access).

Mother fuckers. I checked at about 11 this morning and there was only the first two entries, so I figured it wouldn't come today and did some other stuff while I was out. If I'd come home I'd have been in.

So glad I paid to upgrade to next-day delivery :|