3D Printers

From: ANT_THOMAS28 Jul 2014 12:37
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I really really want a 3D Printer.

Not something for thousands but maybe around the £300 mark. If it's DIY (and therefore cheaper, even better.)

Has anyone here bought or made one? Have access to one?
From: koswix28 Jul 2014 12:53
To: ANT_THOMAS 2 of 109
We (friend and i) just got a reprap. Was about 200quid from China (aliexpress), there were a few fixings either missing or seriously under spec (shit nuts instead of locking nuts etc.) but after a few days and about 10 quid in extra bits it was up and running fine.

The kit had all the important parts present and correct, including steppers and driver etc. Well worth the price, even if it's not the greatest printer in the world.
From: ANT_THOMAS28 Jul 2014 12:56
To: koswix 3 of 109
That's one of the ones I was looking it. Might be something I buy later this year.

Got any photos of stuff you've made?

Links to extra bits you bought would be useful too, unless they were just standard M type nuts/bolt.
From: ANT_THOMAS28 Jul 2014 13:13
To: koswix 4 of 109
Also, a part list that you got (or the kit) and seller would be useful!
From: koswix28 Jul 2014 17:23
To: ANT_THOMAS 5 of 109
Was just metric standard stuff we already had laying around.

This was the seller


Issues we had were
Missing :
insulated supports for mother board
SSupport for the coil
High temp glue for thermostat

And then some bad nuts.

For the missing parts we cut new ones out of perspex (on an 400 quid aliexpress laser cutter :-D )

Can't recall what glue we used for the thermostat.

Will see of I've any photos of printed stuff.
From: Ken (SHIELDSIT)29 Jul 2014 03:09
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Can it print me a life?
From: koswix29 Jul 2014 08:08
To: Ken (SHIELDSIT) 7 of 109
Girls love 3D printers, more than they love handbrake turns.
From: Ken (SHIELDSIT)29 Jul 2014 08:41
To: koswix 8 of 109
I might need to see some evidence proving that one!
From: Ken (SHIELDSIT)29 Jul 2014 09:13
To: koswix 10 of 109
I should have known!
From: 99% of gargoyles look like (MR_BASTARD)29 Jul 2014 19:45
To: Ken (SHIELDSIT) 11 of 109
what? that he reads the Daily Mail? Yeah, I know it's disgusting, innit?
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)15 Aug 2014 13:37
To: 99% of gargoyles look like (MR_BASTARD) 12 of 109
The Daily Mail is mercifully unknown outside of your benighted island.
From: milko15 Aug 2014 13:46
To: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 13 of 109
apparently its just as evil website isn't though. Popular all over the damn place, wherever idiots congregate.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)15 Aug 2014 15:51
To: milko 14 of 109

We have a similar -ish red top tabloid, The Toronto Sun.
From: 99% of gargoyles look like (MR_BASTARD)15 Aug 2014 20:29
To: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 15 of 109
Strictly speaking it's /their/ benighted island. I don't live there anymore. OK, I have the passport, and I do visit on occasion, but I don't miss dogshit-strewn pavements that much that I'd visit more than once a year.
From: koswix15 Aug 2014 23:30
To: ANT_THOMAS 16 of 109
I have some pictures but they're too big to upload. Will resize and post tomorrow.
From: ANT_THOMAS16 Aug 2014 06:55
To: koswix 17 of 109
Good stuff.

I was looking at the Prusa i3 models the other day. Think that might be my Christmas present. Or I'll end up buying it earlier if I get impatient.
From: koswix16 Aug 2014 14:16
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From: ANT_THOMAS18 Aug 2014 14:39
To: koswix 19 of 109
Is it difficult to get things setup and aligned?
From: koswix18 Aug 2014 18:29
To: ANT_THOMAS 20 of 109
Just really trial and error for a lot of stuff. And sometimes it randomly gives up mid print, which doesn't help.