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From: My mum says I'm not a (PSYCHO_GEEZER) 6 Sep 2012 01:29
To: Al JunioR (53NORTH) 2 of 93

Why would you want to?


Whatever the reason, find the most common ground and start there.

From: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 6 Sep 2012 01:30
To: Al JunioR (53NORTH) 3 of 93
Call them Jews.
From: Peter (BOUGHTONP) 6 Sep 2012 01:34
To: Al JunioR (53NORTH) 4 of 93
At full speed with rolled up trouser legs whilst screaming the tune to the Ride of the Valkyries.
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From: 99% of gargoyles look like (MR_BASTARD) 6 Sep 2012 07:31
To: Al JunioR (53NORTH) 7 of 93
I wuldn't bother, leave them to it. Either that or take the moral high ground and actually answer any direct questions with direct answers. Either that, or what Pete said.
From: ANT_THOMAS 6 Sep 2012 08:05
To: Al JunioR (53NORTH) 8 of 93
Why are you posting there in the first place? You don't have to post on every available forum on the Internet.
From: 99% of gargoyles look like (MR_BASTARD) 6 Sep 2012 08:08
To: ANT_THOMAS 9 of 93
TBH, if he were that interested in communicating his message, he'd actually clarify it in the first place, and would respond to reasonable questions with direct answers, not more mumbo-jumbo. :Y
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From: Manthorp 6 Sep 2012 08:38
To: Al JunioR (53NORTH) 10 of 93
Give us an example of a thread that turned into tortuous nit-picking instead of addressing the thread question.
From: ANT_THOMAS 6 Sep 2012 09:19
To: Manthorp 11 of 93
I honestly thought he was talking about here at first. Or is he?
From: Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ) 6 Sep 2012 09:33
To: ANT_THOMAS 12 of 93
I've never thought the nit-picking here was particularly tortuous - it's half the fun!
From: 99% of gargoyles look like (MR_BASTARD) 6 Sep 2012 09:47
To: Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ) 13 of 93
Fun? It's more than 'fun' lad, it's bloody tradition! :{)
From: ANT_THOMAS 6 Sep 2012 09:48
To: Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ) 14 of 93
Neither do I, it'd be boring here otherwise, but he's an odd one and for a moment I thought he could be referring to us.
From: koswix 6 Sep 2012 09:53
To: ANT_THOMAS 15 of 93
I also thought that :/
From: Manthorp 6 Sep 2012 11:40
To: ANT_THOMAS 16 of 93
I'm sure he is. I'm intrigued as to which thread he thinks he's asking questions in. It seems to me he does nothing but deliver statements of paranoid fiction. I can't think of a single open topic he's broached other than this one.
From: Dan Herman (HERMAND) 6 Sep 2012 11:46
To: Al JunioR (53NORTH) 17 of 93
Perhaps if you stopped being a complete and utter fucking nutjob those people would make time for you?
From: milko 6 Sep 2012 13:08
To: ALL18 of 93
Wait a minute guys. It's just dawned on me. He's talking about US! In THIS FORUM! Not some other forum that he's asking us for advice about at all! I am more shocked than that time Maximilian thought we were a serious grown up serious tech forum about serious tech. I miss Maxemilian even if I can't remember how to spell it. I think the first is right but I have this idea he's got a different version, could be totally mistaken.

So I guess the answer is that the teetotal (haha, pedant opportunity! he said "tea total". teehee!) vegan etc and so on person would approach them by rambling on vaguely and always be evasive if pressed for details or clarification, by posting more inconsequential rambling. Because that's what happens. But there would be ways to have it all better.
From: ANT_THOMAS 6 Sep 2012 13:18
To: milko 19 of 93
Has there been a large change in your life lately?
From: Manthorp 6 Sep 2012 13:42
To: milko 20 of 93
I was rather pleased about the reference to 'fucking ignorant Yorkshire mentality' as I feel that it was intended to embrace me (among other notable fucking ignorant Yorkshire mentals).

I am certainly going to make sure that I make frequent references to the inconsequentiality of Hamsters in my future posts.

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