Tonight Tonight

From: Dr Nick (FOZZA)23 Aug 2012 10:00
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Ok folks


Podcast night
Skype fozza101


9pm start


Bring your favourite tipple and some wit and charm.



From: Chris (CHRISSS)23 Aug 2012 22:39
To: Dr Nick (FOZZA) 2 of 4
Any luck?
From: Dr Nick (FOZZA)23 Aug 2012 23:31
To: Chris (CHRISSS) 3 of 4



Bank holiday though so this weekend or Monday maybe

From: Ken (SHIELDSIT)24 Aug 2012 05:58
To: Dr Nick (FOZZA) 4 of 4
I think we have a holiday next week. Maybe I will be able to make the next one,!