!Postponed- Teh Cast 26/07/2012 - Show Notes

From: Dr Nick (FOZZA)22 Jul 2012 19:59
To: ALL1 of 23
Hi Guys,

Recording this Thursday between 8pm and 10pm.

Have attached the draft Show Notes/Outline

Let me know if you want in to a host chair.

Cheers Fozza




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From: Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ)22 Jul 2012 20:21
To: Dr Nick (FOZZA) 2 of 23

Ima bust yo ass for making me download an attachment when you could have just done this:


• What Have You Been Playing?
When did you buy it? Which Format? Why did you buy it, (like the genre, steam sale, recommendation from friend?) – How much time have you invested in it? – What do you like/dislike about it? (story, graphics, controls etc). Would you recommend it ?
• Conversation Topic(s) of the Week…
Steam sale! How big is your pile of Shame !? Will you play them all? Do you have an priority, Which to play first?)


Film & TV:
• What Have You Been Watching?
What have you seen and in what format (TV/Cinema/IMAX)? (Give background to plot without spoilers).
What drew you to watching it? What did you think? (Good Story, Actors, Funny?) Would you recommend it?


• Conversation Topic(s) of the Week…
Dark Knight Rises (US Shooting). Superman Trailer -> What are people looking forward to on the horizon?


Geeks and Gadgets:
• Gadget News
Each host to have one or two technology stories from that last two weeks that caught their eye. (Funny, Topical, Hot, Weird, Little know fact…)


• Technology Reviews
Open to anybody who recently bought a piece of tech and want to share their views with the Cast – May be prerecorded during the two weeks and added to show.
- This week Google Nexus 7

From: Ken (SHIELDSIT)22 Jul 2012 20:26
To: Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ) 3 of 23
Haha. Its funny imaging that coming out of yer mouth with the kind of accent that you have!
From: Dr Nick (FOZZA)22 Jul 2012 20:36
To: Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ) 4 of 23

I created the other one so I could print out and update with pen and ink.



From: Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ)22 Jul 2012 22:37
To: Ken (SHIELDSIT) 5 of 23
If I'm on the next podcast, I'll be sure to demonstrate.
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From: Ken (SHIELDSIT)23 Jul 2012 00:40
To: Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ) 6 of 23
Can't wait!
From: Dr Nick (FOZZA)23 Jul 2012 22:34
To: ALL7 of 23

So far just me and Kenny?


Come on some of you must have played some of your steam games by now!


come onto the cast, drink alcohol, have a laugh :)

From: Lucy (X3N0PH0N)23 Jul 2012 22:42
To: Dr Nick (FOZZA) 8 of 23
I'll be there if I'm awake!

(Which is actually looking likely)
From: Dr Nick (FOZZA)23 Jul 2012 22:44
To: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 9 of 23




From: Oscarvarium (OZGUR)24 Jul 2012 02:08
To: ALL10 of 23
Oh, do I need to RSVP? I should be around.
From: Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ)24 Jul 2012 05:20
To: Dr Nick (FOZZA) 11 of 23
I've just realised I'll be on a train back up from Gloucestershire on Thursday and don't get home until late - sorry!
From: Dr Nick (FOZZA)24 Jul 2012 06:54
To: Oscarvarium (OZGUR) 12 of 23
Nope add you now
From: Ken (SHIELDSIT)24 Jul 2012 13:00
To: Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ) 13 of 23
BS, how am I supposed to hear you speak gangsta?
From: Dr Nick (FOZZA)24 Jul 2012 13:26
To: Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ) 14 of 23
He has a point I'm seriously who does not have Skype on their phone these days!?
From: Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ)24 Jul 2012 13:50
To: Dr Nick (FOZZA) 15 of 23
Out of (possibly misguided) respect for my fellow passengers, there's no way in hell I'm going to attempt to do the podcast from the train. I'll do the next one.
From: Dr Nick (FOZZA)24 Jul 2012 14:02
To: Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ) 16 of 23
Mutters something about Kenny normally phoning in his performance anyway.....skulks off in a huff
From: Dr Nick (FOZZA)25 Jul 2012 08:47
To: ALL17 of 23

Anybody else joining us?



From: Serg (NUKKLEAR)25 Jul 2012 09:00
To: Dr Nick (FOZZA) 18 of 23
Very vague maybe.
From: milko25 Jul 2012 10:15
To: Dr Nick (FOZZA) 19 of 23
at this point I can only say dunno. Things are a bit mad at work this week (1030pm last night, albeit at home from 7.30pm at least). If I can!
From: Dr Nick (FOZZA)26 Jul 2012 18:57
To: ALL20 of 23

Sorry guys, little ones not well, if one of the rest of you wanna take over and host this one feel free.


Failing which I will post new details.


Got some real content for this one so wanna do it justice.