Teh Podcast - Logo Art Required

From: Dr Nick (FOZZA)13 Jul 2012 10:43
To: graphitone 7 of 37

We'll go with what we get :)


Congrats you win the Podcast Episode 2 Logo Competition :)


Expect to see you work on the cast when I get through editing Kos's cold off the recording :)

From: graphitone13 Jul 2012 10:47
To: Dr Nick (FOZZA) 8 of 37

Looking at it again, it looks more like a lion fish with wings. :C

Expect to see you work on the cast

What, you want pictures of all the cast members now?! :-P
From: patch13 Jul 2012 12:56
To: graphitone 9 of 37
I've had nightmares that were less disturbing than that thing's teeth.
From: graphitone13 Jul 2012 13:02
To: patch 10 of 37

Milko suggested that they had very tiny noses, I tried drawing a few on, which didn't look right in the end, so I left them off in favour of a few gnashers.


I have no idea if real bees have teeth. :|

From: Lucy (X3N0PH0N)13 Jul 2012 13:10
To: graphitone 11 of 37
That is terrifying. In a good way.
From: graphitone13 Jul 2012 13:22
To: Lucy (X3N0PH0N) 12 of 37

I have some equally appalling enigmatic examples of my photoshopping on my PC at home tucked away in a pictures folder. I'm gonna dredge it up tonight.

Do you remember that Ant/PB mashup I did? That was truly horrific, but the longer I look at, the more I think it could be a real person.
From: Mikee13 Jul 2012 14:04
To: ALL13 of 37
Wasn't really sure where a bees ears are.
From: graphitone13 Jul 2012 14:15
To: Mikee 14 of 37
That's one pissed off looking bee.
From: Mikee13 Jul 2012 14:20
To: graphitone 15 of 37
From: graphitone13 Jul 2012 14:24
To: Mikee 16 of 37

Now it's maniacal.


I like it. :)

From: Peter (BOUGHTONP)13 Jul 2012 14:33
To: Mikee 17 of 37
With slightly bigger headphones, that'd be perfect. :)
From: Mikee13 Jul 2012 15:27
To: ALL18 of 37
Xen is the best person to be doing this kind of thing really.
From: milko13 Jul 2012 15:57
To: graphitone 19 of 37
yes but how the heck does it smell?
From: johngti_mk-ii13 Jul 2012 16:02
To: milko 20 of 37
From: graphitone13 Jul 2012 16:26
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Edit - double (fail)

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From: af (CAER)16 Jul 2012 10:50
To: ALL22 of 37
I lack drawing skills but I had this idea:

From: Dr Nick (FOZZA)16 Jul 2012 11:38
To: af (CAER) 23 of 37

I like!


Where are the eyes? :)

From: af (CAER)16 Jul 2012 11:41
To: Dr Nick (FOZZA) 24 of 37
It was more done to illustrate an idea than to be a finished product :)
From: Dr Nick (FOZZA)16 Jul 2012 11:43
To: af (CAER) 25 of 37

Sooooo finish it :).



From: af (CAER)16 Jul 2012 11:44
To: Dr Nick (FOZZA) 26 of 37
Like I said, I lack drawing skills :C

Plus I'm at work.