Shitting in carrier bags

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From: 99% of gargoyles look like (MR_BASTARD) 1 Feb 2011 07:57
To: Al JunioR (53NORTH) 2 of 11
Somehow, I knew this was you, simply by reading the thread title! :)
judicious use of washing machine / personal bathing has cracked it.

Not to mention rid the house of those pesky mice!
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From: Mouse 1 Feb 2011 14:51
To: Al JunioR (53NORTH) 4 of 11
So, all this money you save on bills. What do you spend it on instead?
From: graphitone 1 Feb 2011 15:00
To: Mouse 5 of 11
I'll bet it's going on pet insurance for the spiders.
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From: Mouse 2 Feb 2011 04:33
To: Al JunioR (53NORTH) 7 of 11
I.. kind of want to have a discussion with you, but it's hard. Why do they only give you £60? A week? Are you on sickness / benefits? Have you been to Kenya? Have you actually ever shat in a bag?
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From: 99% of gargoyles look like (MR_BASTARD)16 Feb 2011 07:37
To: Al JunioR (53NORTH) 10 of 11
He must've been delighted. A known scatologist, is he, or were you making some assumption based on his demeanor?
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