From: Peter (BOUGHTONP)15 Jan 2011 03:41
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You know when you're staying up to get something finished for the next day, and you get to the point when you know you're too tired to make much effective progress and it'd be better to get up and do it in the morning, except if you go to bed there's no guarantee of being able to get up until after midday, but the longer you hold out, the worse both things get?


Why can't my stupid brain let this damned body go to sleep in halves... I can do all this with one hand and one eye, so if it'd just give everything else a quick snooze, then swap those with their other ones, and it'd all be fine.
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From: Peter (BOUGHTONP)15 Jan 2011 03:44
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This thread was supposed to go in Idle Chit Chat, so I tried to move it, but it only had Podcast in the dropdown, and now it's stuck here. :(
From: My mum says I'm not a (PSYCHO_GEEZER)15 Jan 2011 07:31
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(hugleft) PB (hugright)
From: Mouse15 Jan 2011 09:21
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I found a productivity app for you to try Pete;




It's pretty good.

From: JonCooper15 Jan 2011 10:42
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This thread was supposed to go in Idle Chit Chat, so I tried to move it, but it only had Podcast in the dropdown, and now it's stuck here. :(

near as I can see, they're all like that (ie; can only be moved here)
From: Mouse15 Jan 2011 11:39
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It's Teh Mind trying to tell us a Podcast needs doing.
From: Peter (BOUGHTONP)15 Jan 2011 15:48
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Why is it pretty good?

The Pomodoro Technique requires that tasks fit into neat 25 minute slots, which of course they don't.

It doesn't have an answer for if something would take 27 minutes (vs something that might take 35, and is ok to interrupt).

It requires 5 minute breaks which are a perfect opportunity to get distracted on a PC, and just dithering about otherwise.

and so on - does the app help with that?
(and don't tell me the timer is configurable, because it still needs to be preconfigured)

When I'm awake, I can progress ok with a "work until I need a wee" technique, which simply involves drinking every so often, until I need a wee, then finishing off what I'm doing, and cramming in a few other tasks, before it's too much effort not to wet myself, so I go to bathroom.
From: Gobfounded (YVE)15 Jan 2011 15:51
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I can't move it either. Odd.
From: Mouse15 Jan 2011 16:19
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Thinking about it, maybe it's not for you...
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From: Peter (BOUGHTONP)15 Jan 2011 17:38
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I would like it to be - when I first heard it described (by a very productive developer) it sounded great - having a clear plan of what needs doing, having regular short breaks interspersed with longer ones, working solid without any distractions, and so on.

But what I think I need is something more targetted/integrated at how I work - something connected to the IDE that waits for you to finish typing and/or save a file before deciding if to interrupt, where I can commit a change, mark a task as completed, and it then says "after you've tested that, your next task is..." or "time for a break; here's a five minute article to read" or "go have a walk" or whatever.

Of course, odds are nobody has created anything like that yet, so at some point I'll have to have a go myself, but I've got too much other stuff that must come first.
From: Mouse15 Jan 2011 19:28
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I don't tend to stop immediately after a podomoro finishes if I'm on with a task. Rather I find for me it carves up time into chunks that I'm motivated to fill.


Not really read much around it but I've found it very useful.