A Nice Christmas Gift...

From: Ken (SHIELDSIT)11 Dec 2009 14:04
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...would be a podcast!
From: Dave!!11 Dec 2009 17:22
To: Ken (SHIELDSIT) 2 of 4
I think it's due to be released at about the same time as the winners of Teh Forum 2007 awards. Could be any time then!
From: THERE IS NO GOD BUT (RENDLE)11 Dec 2009 19:19
To: Dave!! 3 of 4

It's fucked if it's waiting for me to catch my breath. Flat out during the days at work, a kind of semi-collapse for a couple of hours when I get home, then a few hours working on my web project; sleep; repeat.


Off to the local Forestry Commission place tomorrow first thing to get a Fraser Fir Xmas tree.

From: Ken (SHIELDSIT)13 Dec 2010 15:11
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*bump* haha