Well then....

From: TEHTrigger (TRIGGERTEH)10 Aug 2005 17:46
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....Why the hell would you want to go Vista?


Iv forgetton what a BSOD looks like, XP has been faultless for 4 years.


We really are in the realms of gayness, in the 21st Century. It really is about how stuff looks, and not how they function.


Silver is the new Black.


DivX/XviD is the new VHS.


Mise are the new rulers.


Keyboards are the new pencils.


Mobile phones are the new Sony Walkmans.


Homosexuals are the new hetrosexuals.


Big Brother is the new Generation Game.


The Red button on your remote is the new Soda stream.


Subaru/EVO 4/5 are the new Xr3i's.


HardDrives are the new blank tapes.


Nvidia is the new Sega.


THX is the new Dolby Surround.


Matrix is the new Idiana Jones.


I miss the 90s.


What was I talking about? Yes, Vista.
I was so glad going to XP from Win98. But I really cant think why I want to go Vista.


Seriously, computing really is changing. MS should do them selves a favour and make Vista solid as a rock at the start, them in 6 months insert bugs, then 6 months later realease the next OS to encourage poeple to upgrade.


It would be cool to get back to the days of Win98 tbh.

From: lp10 Aug 2005 19:14
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Vista is Black, XP is Silver


the Xbox 360 is black or white, not silver.



From: Kriv10 Aug 2005 21:10
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From: TEHTrigger (TRIGGERTEH)10 Aug 2005 22:06
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From: Manthorp 7 Sep 2005 21:46
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I don't think I've ever known anybody who hated living in the present quite as much as you, Trig.


The perverse thing is that the golden age after which you yearn so tediously and incessantly was in the order of a decade ago. Christ, I can barely tell the difference between 1995 and 2005.

From: TEHTrigger (TRIGGERTEH) 7 Sep 2005 21:48
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The 90s was where it was at.
From: Dave!! 8 Sep 2005 11:10
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Why don't you wait until it's released before deciding whether it's a worthwhile upgrade?
From: THERE IS NO GOD BUT (RENDLE) 8 Sep 2005 12:07
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I want to live in the future. As long as it's going to be like Star Trek. Replicators and holo-decks and whatnot. Although probably not the Klingons, because they remind me of negroes.
From: Dan Herman (HERMAND) 5 Apr 2017 12:08
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How about now?
From: Manthorp 6 Apr 2017 20:35
To: Dan Herman (HERMAND) 10 of 12
Now's extraordinarily different.
From: Dan Herman (HERMAND) 7 Apr 2017 11:22
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Shit, isn`t it :(
From: Linn (INDYLS) 7 Apr 2017 20:28
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:D I miss Trig.
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